The Singularity

What exactly is the Singularity? No one really knows, honestly, but it touches on the mind of each and every person in the world. Those who know of such things believe it relates to Karl Jungs collective unconscious. However, there is a degree of artificiality to it as well.

Rumors state that the creation of the Singularity caused the Last War. They say that it exposed the deepest thoughts of every person to every other person. They say with that knowledge, person turned against person, community against community, and nation against nation. Some say that a group of scientists did it to destroy what they thought was a corrupt world, others say that the scientists did it to bring humanity together. Still others say that the Singularity had agency of its own, and that it decided the fate of man.

In the immediate aftermath of the Singularity’s existence, it could drive a person mad. The human mind was too fragile a thing to handle the thoughts of other people completely out of context. Over time, however, most people had developed ways of tuning the Singularity out. It was difficult, the Singularity would constantly push against the boundaries of the conscious mind. And no matter how adept a person was at keeping the Singularity out of his conscious thoughts, it was always attached to a persons subconscious mind.

People ultimately dealt with the Singularity in there own ways. Some ignored it as best as possible, some worshipped it, some studied it, others gave into it, becoming the Unity Horde (see Unity Horde entry for more info). Some of those who studied it found that the blocks people had made against it could be lowered. It would enable someone to see what could not be seen. Others, such as Brainers and their ilk, learned to manipulate the Singularity to manipulate others, and the world around them.

It seems to have no physical presence, although some ancients speak about the Golden Age governments seeking out its source. Some even today, such as the Wayfarers, seek to find the Singularity in the physical world. None have been known to have found it.

The Singularity

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