Here is a brief run down of the local religions. If you want more info on them, or want to join one of them, let me know.

Judeo/Islamo/Christian: These religions, along with many other Golden Age religions, have fallen by the wayside. However, due to the large number of adherents prior to the apocalypse, these religions are still around. Typically, in most communities, these religions, along with their various denominations, have put aside their differences, and work together. This, along with a paucity of surviving written material have made the Post Apocalyptic versions of these religions bare little resemblance to the Golden Age versions. The main idea remains the same, however: if you remain faithful, you get into some sort of better afterlife, no matter how bad things might suck here in this world. The specifics vary from sect to sect, and the role the Singularity plays also varies, but it is almost universally seen as something evil.

The Temple of the Singularity: One of the most common religion of the post apocalyptic age. While there is quite a bit of variation from area to area, the main idea of the religion is that the Singularity is a deity, and an angry one at that. Our own anger, greed and destructive impulses are supposedly just dark reflections of the Singularity in our own souls. The Temple exists to appease the Singularity, and thus keep it at bay. Some sects believe that additional sacrifices may lead to the Singularity aiding an individual or community. The sacrifices vary, but generally consist of material goods, particularly food. Human sacrifice is very uncommon, but not unheard of.

The Eradicators: A group of traveling monks, aesthetics, and knight errants who uphold the ideals of their mythological founder, Kal-El (Superman). They are based out of Metropolis, Il, and are only the most visible faction of the Kal-El worshipers, which include the Science Council, the Reporters, The Zodd, and others.

The Wayfarers: A nomadic group searching for a mythical promised land. They believe that the Singularity has a real, physical existence somewhere. They also believe that wherever the Singularity is located must, by definition, be a utopia. They believe that the Singularity is misunderstood, that it actually represents something positive, but that mankind has twisted its power and message into something evil. They search for clues as to the whereabouts of the Singularity.

The Children of Fate: The Children believe that the Singularity is a sort of dualistic agency. While not all knowing, it can see the past, present and future quite clearly. They believe that it found the majority of humanity wanting, and destroyed them. The Singularity already knows who it has deemed worthy of survival, and who shall perish. Once all the unworthy are gone, then the Singularity will create a new Eden for those still alive. Because the chosen are preordained, those that believe they are chosen have no fear of death. They dance with poisonous snakes, jump through Bon fires, et al.

Of course, that’s not the end all, be all, of religion, but those are the bigger cults.


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