The Last War, and the resultant Age of Dark Ice, did untold damage to what was nice the State (sometimes referred to as Kingdom) of Illinois. Most of the major urban areas, particularly in the north, near Chicago, were bombed out of existence. The central areas of the state were hit by conventional, chemical and biological weapons, as well as the odd tactical nuclear weapon.

The land was poisoned, the cities destroyed, rural areas grew sick and died. Crop blights destroyed what little food remained. But the worst was yet to come. A great cold fell upon the land. Snows came, and never ended. Lakes and rivers, even the mighty Mississippi, froze over. The survivors were forced ever southward. Those that remained in Illinois were forced to live in close proximity, huddled around any heat source that could be found. Mutants such as the Trogs hid underground during this period, and the mutant Ice Men adapted to the cold. Cold adapted animals, such as Arctic Wolves, polar bears, reindeer, and cold adapted mutant versions of other creatures, such as cats, dogs, deer, bison, and other, stranger things, lurked in the spaces between the space human settlements.

During the “summer” months, some would brave the less intense blizzards and cold to trade with other holds, spread news, hunt game, or scavenge in the ruins that would peer out of the snow and ice. In this way, humanity endured through the Dark Ice.

As the Dark Ice retreated, starting about a decade ago, trade, hunting and scavenging began with a new fervor. Farming became possible again, and the major rivers are now flowing again, except in the worst winters. Cairo has become the hub of trade, and is also Illinois most intact city. It has also attracted the jealousy of other smaller settlements, and the avarice of raiders, slavers, and other dangerous nomads.

The Hardholds of Carbondale ( Home of the Trogs mutants), Metropolis, Centrailia, and formerly Carlyle (destroyed by cannibal cult), are other major hardhold. Besides these, there are hundreds of homesteads and farmsteads, forts, and temporary semi nomadic settlements that dot the land. Permanent settlement anywhere north of Springfield is nearly impossible due to ongoing nuclear winter conditions, ambient radiation, and the occasion poison gas cloud being released by melting ice. Still, in the warmer months, nomads, hunters and scavengers will head north to take advantage of the game and salvage others are too afraid to take. Ice Men mutants do live here, but are almost entirely nomadic.


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