Herbert Möbius

An Angel in the streets, inexperienced in the sheets


Utility wear
Haggard face, quick eyes, stout body
Angel Moves: Sixth Sense; Professional Compassion

Cool: 2*
Hard: 0
Hot: -1
Sharp: 2
Weird: -1*

XP: [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

Gear and Angel Kit:
Stun gun (s-harm hand reload)
Leather lined lab coat (1 armor), wide-brimmed hat, horn-rimmed glasses
Oddments—cigarette lighter, toilet paper, plant/vegetable seeds

Ricki: +1
Sin: -2
Avii’a: 0


Outlook: The Realist

Takes the middle ground or a third option—attempting to circumvent Morton’s Forks.
Values objectiveness and decisiveness.

Attempts to maintain a balance between the group’s well-being and their goals.

Morally ambiguous, but holds himself to a code—one that he hasn’t quite figured out yet.

Calm and quiet, feels uncomfortable in leadership positions. Has a murderous capacity towards improvisation and a possesses a willingness to bend the rules.

Herbert Möbius

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