The Brainer


Name: Sin
Look: Male, Tall, awkward angular body. Pale, bony face with numerous scars. Grey, dead eyes. Clothing is high formal wear including top hat and dark tweed waist coat and jacket. The only incongruities are a pair of black leather boots with straps and buckles more appropriate to a goth club than the Victorian era gentleman surgeon the rest of the outfit seems to strive for. He also wears a WW2 era gas mask with tinted lenses and removes it only at direst need as well as a male corset underneath his suit, partly for vanity, partly for authenticity and partly as a defence (various panels contain steel ribbing).

Cool +2
Hard -1
Hot -1
Sharp 0
Weird +2

Brainer Moves:
Unnatural lust fixation
In-brain puppet strings

Pair of ornate, antique scalpels (3-harm, intimate, hi-tech)
Violation Glove
Implant syringe


Outlook: Sin is a man dressed up in a top hat and waist coat in the middle of an apocalypse, clearly all is not right upstairs. He is a man who thoroughly enjoys his work and isn’t squeamish. Having done odd jobs from using his gifts to make assassinations look like suicides, to being coroner/undertaker for Carlyle and some of the smaller surrounding holds. He is attracted to antiques and the macabre, more than willing to experiment on the dead and dying to gain new insight. He is professional and calculating when he is at his work (although sometimes over-enthusastic) but restless and fidgets when he isn’t occupied. Leave him alone in a room for too long with nothing to do and you will find the place torn apart. He has been known to need to be tranquilized if the situation persists.

Sin is always having a good laugh at a dark joke that is only in his head. He wears the mask to hide his tendency toward displaying inappropriate emotions at times, something that others find unsettling and made him less than a favourite around Carlyle.

Sin has a looser morality than most people to fall back on but is fiercely loyal to those he deems worthy allies. God (or Kal-el) help those that try to harm them.


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