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The Singularity, once a bright shining beacon of hope for humanity, has instead destroyed it. It brought about the Final War, in which all mankind turned against one another. From neighbor vs. neighbor conflict, to full scale nuclear war, there was little left in the aftermath of the war.

Soon after, the Age of Dark Ice fell upon mankind as well. A nuclear winter, a new ice age, decimated what was left in the wake of the war. Somehow, though tenacity, ingenuity, and hope, a small number of humans managed to survive the disaster.

Now, after nearly 50 years, the ice has begun to recede, and the remnants of mankind begin to dig out. Things have changed, humanity is no longer alone on this planet, as mutants have sprung up all over the world. The natural world as taken over much of what is left, but many of the new plants and animals are far more hostile and dangerous to mankind than they once were. Despite the recession of the ice, things are still much colder than they once were. Food, water, shelter are all still too rare, even for the small number of people remaining.

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The End of the World
The Singularity

Apocalypse World Cairo Il

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