The End of the World

Little is known today about how the end of the world came about. Most of the myth surrounds the occurrence of the Singularity. It was an event/technology/phenomena that linked the minds of all humans together. It failed, or at the very least, succeeded too well. There was a massive freak-out as everyone was forced to look into the Id of the people around them. With no context, this quickly lead to conflict. This conflict quickly escalated to war. This war quickly escalated into full scale genocide. Nuclear, chemical and biological weapons were used as a matter of course, and still plague the landscape to this day.

Eventually, mankind learned to tune out the Singularity (although it is still there, and a personal can intentionally open their mind to it, if they so choose). Sadly, by that time, it was too late. Permanent ecological damage had been done. Dust from the horrendous use of nuclear weapons had blotted out the sun, and an age of cold, snow, and ice fell upon the planet.

This era, known as the Age of Dark Ice, wasn’t quite the nuclear winter that scientists had expected from a full blown global thermal nuclear war. It grew cold, with only the equatorial belt staying warm enough year round to naturally support life. However, life is tenacious, between human ingenuity and sudden successful mutations, life managed to cling on to the higher latitudes. For fifty years, isolated pockets of life held on, until the ice and cold began to recede.

That was nearly a decade ago, and now mankind is beginning to spread from their isolated enclaves and interact once again. However, resources are scarce, technology unavailable or failing, and the murderous impulses of the Singularity still push at the outer bounds of mankinds consciousness. Mutated humans, adapted to cold, water, or the underground, have been successful in places where mankind has not, and are growing in numbers. Fear and misunderstanding between human and mutants are becoming greater every day, as both groups struggle to find their way in the new world.

The End of the World

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