Ruggedly handsome wheel man/daredevil


He’s a daredevil and a no shit driver. Tall – 6’0, sticks to boots, jeans, a t-shirt and a jacket. sleeve tattoos, black hair, dark eyes, angular face with high cheekbones, rugged, and good looking.

One of the best drivers out there. He specializes in fixing the unfixable vehicles and get his people out in a pinch. He’s a hothead, doesn’t really follow orders but will have your back when it matters. Aggressive, impulsive and a smart ass… but he’s intelligent – which most people underestimate.

He met Avii’a in Carlyle. He was fighting a horde and losing when she came in and took care of the problem for him. She helped fix him back up and they have been inseparable since. He’s her wingman to start or finish trouble and is always up for a good hell raising with her – the crazier the stunt, the better the rush.



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