Depressed mute tailor with a cat


Tabitha – A depressed young woman from the settlement of Carlyle, is short and slender, with tangled red hair and is mute. She wears a basic utilitarian dress of dark colour. Her specific skills include tailoring and leather-working but is adept at any fine mechanical work or repair because of her strong, slender fingers and infinite patience. She meet Sin when he came to dispose of the corpse of her father, the only family she had left at the time. She had created a suit for her father to be buried in of the finest cloth and Sin was impressed with her skills. He would call on her later for similar services for his work as an undertaker and the two formed a bond. She knows more about Sin than perhaps any other living person…and that still isn’t much. She has helped with his work as a coroner and undertaker, cooked for him and been in charge of administering his meds when he gets to rambunctious.

Tabitha lived in an old abandoned garment warehouse in Carlyle which provided most of her tailoring supplies. She carries her black cat named Hecate with her in a leather satchel.

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